Speaker Date Topic
Chris Campbell Jul 05, 2022
The Big Issue
Gabriel Forago Jul 12, 2022
His literary work

Gabriel Farago is the USA Today Bestselling and Multi-Award-Winning Australian Author of the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series for the thinking reader and culturally curious.

As a lawyer with a passion for history and archaeology, Gabriel Farago had to wait for many years before being able to pursue another passion—writing—in earnest. However, his love of books and storytelling started long before that.

Born in Budapest, Gabriel grew up in post-War Europe, and after fleeing Hungary with his parents during the Revolution in 56, he went to school in Austria before arriving in Australia as a teenager. This allowed him to become multi-lingual and feel ‘at home’ in different countries and diverse cultures.

Shaped by a long legal career and experiences spanning several decades and continents, his is a mature voice that speaks in many tongues. Gabriel holds degrees in literature and law, speaks several languages and takes research and authenticity very seriously. Inquisitive by nature, he studied Egyptology and learned to read the hieroglyphs. He travels extensively and visits all of the locations mentioned in his books.

Gabriel lives in the Blue Mountains in Australia just outside Sydney, surrounded by a World Heritage National Park. ‘The beauty and solitude of this unique environment,’ he points out, ‘give me inspiration and the energy to weave my thoughts and ideas into stories which, I sincerely hope, will in turn entertain and inspire my readers.’

Kristy Southers Jul 26, 2022
Equine Therapy


I am so very grateful to work as a counsellor (at Able2 in Springwood), a coach (private practice), and an equine assisted psychotherapist (at Amaroo Equine in Megalong Valley).


Amaroo is an aboriginal word that means ‘a beautiful place’ – and it certainly lives up to its name. Not only is Amaroo beautiful to look at, it is also a place where beautiful work, connection, kindness, and healing happens.


Belinda Muiser is the owner and founder of Amaroo Equine and I have been privileged to work and learn alongside her since September 2021. I am new to this wonderful work!


Amaroo has a herd of 13 horses who each bring their own individual wisdom to client sessions. It is an incredible experience to witness the authentic connection horses and humans can have together. Horses are sentient beings who can evoke strong emotions and insights (if we are open to them). The ‘way of the horse’ has much to teach us about respect, connection, emotional regulation, the power of thoughts, the value of being present and aware, and more.

Sessions are either psychoeducational, such as:

  • The Horse Wisdom Program
  • Corporate Wellbeing, Leadership, and Development Programs
  • Ladies’ Days
  • School Holiday Programs

Or counselling/psychotherapy sessions for a range of presentations such as:

  • Personal development
  • PTSD/Trauma work
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ASD
  • Other mental health conditions


Equine assisted learning and therapy has a wholistic, inclusive, non-clinical, and optimistic approach to the human experience. It is based on established therapies such as Gestalt, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, and Buddhist psychology. We work using models and training from the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) of Australia, and the research and work of its founders, Meg Kirby and Noel Haarburger.


I am so happy to have been invited to Rotary to share with you information about Amaroo, Equine Therapy, and how I got so lucky as to land here, professionally.


Nicola Lloyd Aug 30, 2022
The Shepherd Centre
  • Some family and personal history of Bruce Shepherd, our founder. Many people are already aware of Bruce and find the background to the Shepherd Centre and his family quite interesting.
  • Typical hearing and hearing loss – both in children and seniors
  • The impact of hearing loss on cognitive function and dementia
  • How to approach conversations with loved ones on hearing loss and what steps to take if you feel you are experiencing hearing loss
  • The Shepherd Centre’s work – including a couple of lovely and uplifting videos highlighting the positive impact of our work on children with hearing loss and their families