A few weeks ago, we spent a very enjoyable half hour with Mr. Kim Terakes (www.kimterakes.com/) who is a very well-known bon vivant, chef supreme and PhD Master of the Aussie barbeque.
It may be said that Australia is world renown for a number of icons, such as Bondi Beach, Paul Hogan, Ayer’s Rock and the Aussie Barbeque. And without doubt the top chef of the Aussie Barbeque would be Kim Terakes.
At this point in his life, Kim lives and works from his home in Paddington. Professionally, he spent twenty-five years in traditional roles in big agency advertising. However, he confided, after a glass of Chardy or two,
that advertising was really just an excuse to have lunch in restaurants every day. He has since given up that pretense and now devotes himself exclusively to the noble cause of good food.
Since the late 1980s, he has written about food and restaurants for all of the major publications. In addition, he was the restaurant reviewer for The Sun-Herald for several years, and contributed to The Good Food Guide. He has written probably the definitive books
on The Aussie Barbeque, including the best-selling The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook and The Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook
His cookbooks are available on line.
Kim is also very involved with various nonprofits and his recipes and cooking hints can be found at: https://www.curecancer.com.au/our-ambassadors/kim-terakes.  It was fantastic having a chance to chat Kim up and we only wish that he would return to lead The Team at the next sausage sizzle at Big W, Katoomba.  As they say: stay tuned.