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October 2020
Fun run
Remember the community fun runs before COVID?                                                     
People of Action
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February burst in with a flurry of activity as the country came to better grips with the COVID pandemic and people understood what to do to keep safe.  Still an unpleasant disease to be living with. 
A reminder of the top-notch speakers we had in February starting off with a technology session for all members by Phill, Bill and Paul – other members pitched in who had better knowledge than we did; for example, Pat Drummond and the portable audio system.  On the following Tuesday we went on a field trip with Lis Bastion to the sustainable horticultural and community garden she has created in Blackheath – what an amazing achievement.  Then on one evening we enjoyed a social meeting at the Katoomba RSL where all could relax and laugh in a conducive atmosphere.  Maurice Cooper OAM came on the 23rd Feb, who owns and operates Bygone Beauty’s and he spoke to us about businesses surviving in a pandemic by using the governments financial aid plus treating his staff with respect and making them feel part of the solution to recovery. 
Improving news on the project to help homeless people in the upper mountains.  Some of the other Rotary Clubs in the Upper Mountains are willing to assist in fund raising, searching for suitable sites and general coordination.  The second Trivia night to raise funds for our homeless project had 57 participants and the three teams from Lower Blue scoop the podium (again) – well done.  This brought us over the $15,000 dollar mark in our RAWCS fund which meant that the Dick Smith Community matching grant is now available.  Watch this space.
Paul Campbell
Most of you reading this newsletter will be Rotarians and you all understand the desire to attract and retain people new to Rotary to help us in the programs we do.  For readers who are not Rotarians, “Why join a Rotary Club, especially in this tumultuous time?”  There are so many answers to that and I think now, a leading response is “comradery”.  Joining like-minded people who get pleasure of helping others in our local community, region, state, country and overseas is a great mental health boost.  While we are running programs to help people who need it, we are also having fun in a social sense with members of the club.   
Our big news is we had our first face to face meeting in a while at our new home, The Robyn Yates Centre for Cancer Wellness Support, at Leura. The other positive news is the groundswell of support for our homeless project to Help the Homeless. See these stories below and another one about the antics of three of our members.
So when this bulletin arrives in your inbox, please have a read and share it with your friends. Come to a meeting and see for yourself.
Home Sweet Home
Robyn Yates Centre at Cancer Wellness Support at Leura
Looks good thanks Bob Reid
Last month we flagged our move to the Robyn Yates Centre at Cancer Wellness Support at Leura. Since then we have now had our first meeting there. We have explored all the COVID compliance issues and received authorisation from the Department of Health. Yes it will be different and there are rules to follow. Above all we want a safe environment for our members and guests. That said it is a very good venue, in an interesting rambling Federation style ex guest house, a heartbeat from Leura Mall. We have the security of a longterm arrangement and look forward to settling in and getting our meetings working. We will still retain some ZOOM meetings and mix those up with the face to face.
As to our first meeting back, after many months of social isolation and online meetings, it was great experience to catch up with everyone. The warmth and spirit of our Club was on display.
We also finally inducted two new members, Christina and Bryan. Whilst they had joined several months before, they had not met everyone in the flesh.
Christina and Bryan being welcomed by President Paul
Old Farts with a Similar Passion
The Editor sent out roving Reporter Bob Reid to interview three of our members who share a common passion.
As an OBE (Over Bloody Eighty) Rotarian, I put my hand up to take on the challenge of a chat with three of our members who all have something in common, that is beside their advanced ages and cranky dispositions. They are all fitness freaks who exercise consistently by running, bike riding, hiking, gyms etc which they manage around their work, social and family life. Quite often they take on challenges to raise money for charities which is most admirable, although one goes to extremes by riding all over Australia. Bloody madness I say.
Of course, I am talking about Paul Campbell, Bob Montgomery, and Bill Pixton. My brief was "Are they just Old Rotary Farts, or what?" Let's find out.
Paul on the Sydney to Wollongong MS Ride, 2018
Bob training at Wentworth Falls
Bill running somewhere in the Mountains
Q1 What has been the inspiration behind your fitness regime?
Paul:  Fitness is a challenge to him. As a junior he played Rugby at school, university and with the Wallabies for 12 months. He also played rugby in the US and served in the reserves for Vietnam. He even sailed with his wife Dawn, across the Pacific to Australia.
Bob:  The thought of getting older, or more importantly feeling older, inspired him to take up long distance bike riding.
Bill:  He realised early on that "going for a run" was good for his wellbeing. Played rugby and athletics, at mediocre level, at Sydney Boys High and some Rugby League in the Country Division.
Q2 What types of training are you involved with?
Paul:  Runs, hikes, mountain biking in Malayasia, road biking
Bob: Weights, cycling. training, jogging and lots of exercises in home gym
Bill: Strength training in garage,  trail running, mountain biking, bushwalking, multi day hikes in remote areas
Q3 Do you have a preferred way of training?
Paul:  Bike riding is my preference, but running is the preferred training
Bob:  His preference is cycling but I do a lot of stretching. As we speak he was stretching his right arm as he bought a bottle of red which we knocked off during the interview.
Bill:  My preference is running but I have borrowed a static exercise bike (from Bob) and also use that. Some swimming but for enjoyment.
Q4 What type of diet and nutrition?
Paul: He has clean plate syndrome, what more could he ask.
Bob:  Red wine. Lots of vegetables and fish, meat once a week.
Bill: Not too fanatical but aim for nutritious food. He is lucky Sallee is a top cook.
Q5 Does your spouse join you in these activities?
Paul: Dawn is very wise and just supports
Bob:  Definitely not as she might break her nails. But yes she does support enormously.
Bill: Sallee does the social bushwalks and birdwatching but thinks Bill is crazy with the exercising.
Q6 Do you have a gym at home?
Paul: No
Bob: Has a good set up at home which saves me running or cycling to the gym.
Bill: Now set up a few weights (3litre milk bottles full of water) and stretch bands in the garage. Helps with knee rehab but boring as batshit and prefer to be outside.
Q7 How many kms or level intensity a week?
Paul:  Not too sure but around 300,000 steps per month by walking or hiking
Bob:    Currently about 80kms riding per week and when in full training about 150km.
Bill:  Currently running every second day for about 30-40km a week.
Q8 Apart from being an old fart, what drives you to exercise and train?
Paul: It's always a challenge but need to be careful not to overtrain. Keeps you positive and optimistic.
Bob:   Wanting to be healthy and challenged, fitness being a way of life.
Bill: Likes being in the bush and privileged here in Blue Mountains. There is a strong running culture here with Ultra type events. However the 5km Parkruns maybe more his future.
I have had a lot of laughs during this process. Although it is not "fake news," I have taken some poetic license at times. These three old farts are fit men and all with lean physiques. Damn them. Whilst they are all quite different characters, there is a common thread in their motivation, commitment and discipline. They may not live any longer than others but they reckon they feel better.
I would like to thank Paul, Bob and Bill for their cooperation and hopefully we might make the Booker Prize for "Old Fart Short Stories"
Project Update
Behind all this socialising are some serious projects. Our recent Trivia Night was a great success and raised over $3,000 towards our "Help the Homeless" project. We are now well on our way towards $15,000 which is then matched by Dick Smith to make it $30,000. We have discussed this project with other Rotary Clubs and are gaining their support. Contributions from bottle recycling (Sallee) and facemasks (Joan) also went into this project. For further information and to donate go to our website and press the yellow donate button.
Also last month a few club members did a gentle walk around Wentworth Falls Lake and supported our friends at Huntington's NSW with a small donation.
Happy Birthday Mr.President
Well, there was no Marilyn Munro seductively singing, but we did the best we could on ZOOM to celebrate President Paul's birthday. A significant one we believe.
Each participant held up a letter spelling Happy Birthday Paul. The result was, of course, totally jumbled up as the ZOOM software controls the order. Really didn't matter too much.
Who Am I ?
Someone you know? First in to ubmrotary@gmail.com, will be highly commended.
Born in Sydney almost on the footpath outside the hospital – always in a hurry!
School in Sydney and went to University NSW part time while working.
Met the love of my life and after 2 children returned to University to study.
Have worked in a Consulting capacity all my working life in various fields.
Visited the Blue Mountains as a child to stay with Grandparents and fell in love with Blackheath and surrounds.
The move to the Mountains was a natural progression after living in the Big Smoke for so many years. Love my life here.
I read, chat, sew and play sport on a regular basis and find the lifestyle which includes Rotary, good for my health, both physical and mental.
Always ready for a chat, good food and a glass of something sensational.

Club Information
Welcome to our Club!
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Robyn Yates Centre for Cancer Wellness Support
105 Railway Parade
Leura, NSW 2780
425 302 473
Our face to face breakfast meetings are at The Robyn Yates Centre for Cancer Wellness Support. We will still have some ZOOM meetings. Check Calendar for details.
Whist ZOOM has been great, we are excited to returning to face to face meetings on 29th September, 2020, dependent on COVID restrictions easing.
Our new home is the Robyn Yates Cancer Wellness Support Centre, 105 Railway Parade, Leura, NSW, 2780.
Breakfast meeting, 7:15 for 7:30am.
We will write up a story next month after our first meeting.
Jun 06, 2023
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